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Working with a Business Plan Consultant to Help With Your Business Plan

It's easy to see why so many entrepreneurs today work with a

to create a business plan when seeking investment. When you’re faced with a blank page, and the knowledge that you need to write a business plan on that page, it’s normal to experience a moment of what can only be described as blind panic.

That’s perfectly normal, and it’s also perfectly normal to start thinking about hiring some help, to help you craft the perfect business plan. Before you jump at the first offer of assistance you get though, let’s look at a few things you’ll want to bear in mind when choosing that person or company.

1. Are The Business Plan Consultants Experienced?

Writing a business plan is NOT like writing anything else. Just because someone is a good writer, which does not mean that they know how to write a business plan that will get you and your idea noticed! Find out what their specific experience in writing business plans is before you move on to any other enquiries.

2. Have They Created Business Plans for Your Type of Business?

You should also remember that there are many types of business plans – as many as there are types of business, in fact. If you do hire someone to help you write your business plan, you need to make sure that they have experience writing for your type of idea or business model. If you hire someone who’s only ever written plans for micro enterprises to write a plan for a major company, you might not be happy with the result!

3. What Results Have They Achieved?

A business plan stands and falls, ultimately, on the results it achieves. If the person you are considering hiring has helped 90% of their clients to secure funding, then you’re on to a winner. If their plans have never achieved anything, you might as well stuff your money in your mattress. It will do more good there than paying them to write your business plan!

4. Do They Offer the Services You Need?

Often, it’s not the whole plan that we’re worried about. Sometimes, it’s only a section, like the financials, or the marketing plan, that we’re particularly worried about. Not all business plan companies will undertake all of these items for you. Some will require you to provide your own information, which they will then slot into the plan they create. Ask the question before you hire them!

5. Do YOU Know What You Want?

A big part of getting what you want when you outsource anything – including business plan writing – is knowing what you want. Before you even consider hiring someone to write your plan for you, you should know that you need to have at the very least the ‘bones’ of your plan ready before you approach them.

Try to remember that business planning is as much a learning experience as it is a necessity, and if you outsource every part of the process, you won’t be learning what you need to from it.

Alternatives to Hiring a Business Plan Consultant

There are alternatives to hiring a business plan consultant that you should be aware of, and that you should consider. One is to hire a regular writer to proof read and edit your own plan (useful if it’s not the planning itself, but your writing that you’re nervous about.) The other is to use business-planning software to create a plan – a good choice if you have most of the plan worked out in your head already, and you just need a little help.

Whatever you do decide, remember that your business plan will be your introduction to potential partners, investors and employees. You want to make sure that it presents you and your idea in the best pos

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