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Which Academic Models are Relevant to Social Entrepreneurship?

With academia research playing an increasingly inflectial role in organisations seeking options to create a competitive advantage, when we look at social entrepreneurship, the case is certainly no different.

This in treating post recently written by the guys at the Baset Social Entrepreneurship project, sponsored by the Erasmus Programme of the EU, looks specifically at the Business Model canvas approach, made popular aloo by lean startup advocates like Steve Blank and others in the US.

Herewith a sort summary - The Business Model Canvas (BMC) was developed by Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, and co-created with an array of 470 practitioners from around the world. It offers a simple, visual, one-page canvas on which entrepreneurs can design, innovate and dialogue about their business models. It is not the only framework that has been developed to articulate business models but like many of the frameworks this one was built out of careful research. However, unlike many others, it has also been tested and enhanced through the input of many practitioners.

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