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Digital M&A Services

Our Knowledge and Expertise of Digitial Businesses Models and Expience in this Area Benefits Companies of All Sizes

As businesses look to Mergers and Acquisitions as solutions to the increasing change brought about by digital disruption and a changing customer landscape, they are realising just how different digital M&A’s are to the traditional .approaches they might have used.


Some of the challenging areas are the forward-looking approach to due diligence as well as the the very different  financing and valuation approaches required for digital assets. This should all be done without disrupting the cultures and capabilities that the acquiring company are looking for when these new digital assets are being acquired in the first place.

Our range of Digital M&A Services Include:

  • Assessing Digital Acquisition Targets For Strategic Fit

  • Support With Digital Business Valuations

  • Outlining Of Current and Potential Digital Business Models

  • Sourcing of Digital Deals

  • Determining the Right Valuation Approaches For Specific Digital Firms

  • Evaluate all potential financing solutions, and adapted payment terms and or deferred payment mechanisms

  • Guidance in Digital Due Diligence Approaches & Getting To a Good Valuation of a Target Company Before Value has Actually Been Monetized.

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