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Capital Raising

Clients Benefit From Our Bespoke &  Discreet Approach to Capital Raising


Thinking about capital raising intelligently through the use of our support will benefit you and your business.

Ensuring that you use the right source of funding for your specific business needs and growth stage is important. Having worked with 100's of high growth businesses over the past 25 years, we are well placed in supporting you when your business is growing.

We will work with you to ensure that you access the correct type of funding, help prepare your business to be investment ready and use our networks to facilitate the process.

Our range of capital raising services includes:

  • Advice and guidance on structuring transactions

  • Discreet introductions to the right investors

  • Feasibility study and due diligence preparation

  • Investment documents and financial model development

  • Business plan review and pitch deck formulation

  • Debt and/or equity provide placement execution

  • Negotiation, conclusion and follow through of your deals

Please contact us for further details

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